I like weird stuff.


I’ve set up this blog so I can talk about the weird shit that I enjoy.  Most of that is television.  I like television.  A lot.  I’m a certified television addict and I usually download hours upon hours of television to watch in huge stretches.  I once watched a whole season of Hell’s Kitchen in one day just because I was home sick.  It took me five days to watch the first season of LOST, and that was only because I had a stupid job to go to every day and could only watch when I got home.  I powered through 8 seasons of Roseanne, in a row, in under a month.  I love television because, unlike movies, you get to watch characters grow and change over years instead of over hours.  You invite them into your home every week and they entertain you without drinking all of your vodka and leaving popcorn crumbs in your living room carpet.  Television characters are the perfect friends.

I love my real life friends, too, and because of their own television obsessions, I’m introduced to new shows and ideas that are awesome and entertaining.  My friends might make an appearance here on this blog.  Well, I might just paraphrase them.  I don’t know yet.  I don’t care much yet, either.  This entire blog is mostly an exercise in writing and verbal diarrhea.

Sometimes the weird stuff I write about won’t be television.  It’ll be about music, or movies, or art, or something weird and strange I encounter that raises one of my eyebrows.  Sometimes I’ll be an academic.  Sometimes I’ll utter so many FUCKS that some people won’t be able to read it.  That’s the good thing about selfish expression.  I don’t really have to give much of a shit what people like or don’t like.  I get to be unabashedly selfish and anyone who has an issue with that can feel free to blow me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about television.  I’m an academic at heart that can’t help but micro-analyze television and then tell people about it, which makes me the most pretentious asshole I know.  If I can I will try and make you laugh, too.  Come back soon.

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