The Strain: How to Ruin a Good Idea in Five Steps

Greetings from Germany! I have been off the radar for a bit while I consume chocolate and sausage (wink wink). My significant other downloaded some episodes of The Strain, a show I was interested in because of the horror and gore after they subjected the world to the eye-worm advertisement. People freaked out, so I was instantly interested.  I had no knowledge of the show other than the freakish gore part, hoping it might be a more sci-fi style American Horror Story with even creepier body horror.  All this is a big “yay” for me.

I watched the first episode only. It was stunningly bad. I can’t believe anyone likes this.  Here’s how to take a great idea and turn it into diarrhea.

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Why I’m Not Going to NYCC.

I’m not particularly a contrarian by trade, and one could probably categorize me in the hipster file if they were so inclined, but I’m about to lay some hate on an institution that I think deserves it. I think New York Comic Con is a buzzkill. I think it does a disservice to fans and fandoms and it’s time I put it on blast. Continue reading

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I will give YAHOO! Screen all my munneh for Community.

A celebration is in full effect in the ILWS household. I’ve been clutching my Human Being since last night, as I joyously digested the BEST NEWS EVER. Congratulations, Communies. And thanks to Yahoo Screen for seeing value in our little slice of television heaven.

Here’s my little present to the universe.


Anus Toes


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