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Full Frontal Lobe: Fluffy O’Houlihan (IT Crowd)



Ok. Here’s the problem, kids. I had thought that in order to give a decent rebuttal to our Kat’s take on the IT Crowd–which I have deemed hysterically funny and she finds lacking for various reasons–I would have to dip my toe into the pool of just why we think so alike yet so differently on various issues. We both come from the same demented genetic swimming pool, but with a slight generational gap (Hey! It’s only ten years and a bit, dammit!); and obviously different families, being cousins and all that. Problem is explaining all that turns into a friggin’ thesis, with stories that rival Shakespeare in terms of bloody comedy versus tragedy (with a writing style akin to Dr Seuss. Hop on Pop! Hop on Pop! Do Not Hop on Pop If He is Having Vietnam Flashback, Stop!). And with all the sidetracking I do? We’d be here forever. So I’m not going to bother with that right now and instead just explain why I’m so very right about this. Mostly because I’m the oldest and I said so.

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Full Frontal Lobe; Tales From the Spazzy Side: Balls; Goodnight, Sweet Numpty


I know I’m supposed to be delivering my rebuttal to our Kat’s take on the IT Crowd, but that will have to wait. There are far more important things to discuss right now. We shall have to deal with it. Continue reading

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Ancient Downton


So. Downton. I know I’m late to the party, do forgive.

Well. Not late, per se, I only just got Season 2  this week–that came out in 2011. So, ok, very  per se and very fucking late. I’d actually seen  some of these episodes when they first aired here but became determined to watch from the very beginning. As the great poet once said ‘Shit  happens’–and here we are now discussing it.

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